Before you’re traveling to Cuba:

  1. Can I travel to Cuba?

  2. How can I travel legally to Cuba?
    DMC of Miami will provide and prepare certificate of travel/affidavit form and book flight and any ground service needed.

  3. What Does My Airfare Ticket Include?
    Airfare, Taxes and Medical Insurance.

  4. What Are Some Tips For First-Time Travelers?
    Educate yourself about the island and its regulations before you travel. DMC of Miami will brief you on do’s and don’ts before you leave. Make sure you are familiar with the currency exchange value. US credit cards will not work in Cuba yet. Familiarize yourself with weather conditions so you can dress accordingly. Refer to our Tipping guidelines.

  5. What Are The Luggage Weight Restrictions/Regulations For Travel To The Island?
    Refer to our How it works page. Phones, Cameras, Laptops and tablets are allowed. Consult our agent for more details.

  6. How Much Money Should I Take?
    Up to $10,000

  7. Can I Use My Credit Cards In Cuba?
    Not yet, but this will be available soon.

  8. Can I Take Travelers Checks?
    We do not recommend this; the process to exchange is more expensive and a complicated process.

  9. Will My Cell Phone Work?

  10. What Can I Bring Back With Me?
    Any good made by the Cuban people. Art, printed matter such as books, photography, as well as music. Everything else is subject to the embargo.


While in Cuba

  1. Can I Drink The Water?
    We don’t recommend it. Always drink bottled water; preferably please purchase the largest bottles.

  2. Should I Brush My Teeth With Bottled Water?

  3. Can I Take My Laptop/Tablet With Me?

  4. Is There Wi-Fi/Internet In Cuba?
    Yes, most major hotels offer wireless and internet service; however it is limited and can usually slow and keep in mind there will be a fee for its usage.

  5. Can I Take Pictures

  6. How Much Should I Tip?
    Please refer to our tipping guidelines.

  7. What Should I Pack?
    Casual wear, comfortable shoes, light clothing, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, medicines (Both Prescriptions and over the counter), and tissues.

  8. Are There Safes In The Rooms?
    Most of the major hotels have them.

  9. In Case Of Emergency, Is There A US Embassy In Cuba?
    Not yet, however there is a US interest section in Cuba (Phone: 537-833-2302). Refer to DMC of Miami travel package.